Scorex Modules: implementing Best Backend for SMCs / SMPs

Alexander Chepurnoy

Hi dear subscribers!

At the moment Scorex has only the simplest transactional module, basically about token transfers from one pubkey to another. It is possible to implement Bitcoin-like transactions as the next step, but I would like to swing with experiments instead.

In the first place I would like to apologize for my lack of knowledge in SMCs/SMPs, it is basically about half of (the awesome) Lindell/Harzay book, few papers, lectures and some experiments with ScAPI framework from Lindell&his students.

I would like to implement a blockchain system which is optimal as backend for protocols safe against covert adversaries(so a cheating adversary would be caught with overwhelming probability). I would like to gather requirements for such a system. 

Please share your thoughts, and after that I'll propose a draft spec.

Best regards, Alexander