Scorex: plans for the next few months

Alexander Chepurnoy

Hi folks!

Here I want to outline Scorex development plans until September-October. I'm happy to see the plans correspond to previously published roadmap for April (archive: [1] )

Versioned Merkle trees are more or less done in Scrypto(current version is 1.2.0-M3), there are few bugs to fix and few tests to be written. We have new Scorex minor releases weekly, 1.2.6 coming will be last planned in 1.2.x row(unplanned bugfix releases could be after 1.2.6 as well).

1.3.0 draft is mostly ready(it is in "txrework" branch), and this version about more flexible transactional layer, specifically, Scorex will support box-based(i.e.  Bitcoin-like) transactional models, not only account-based(think of Nxt & Ethereum), and instead of "signature" a transaction will have more general "proof" field.

After 1.3.0 release we will start to work on Ergaki, a next testnet release. It will be totally innovative concept unlike Lagonaki(which is Permacoin + simplified Nxt payment transactions basically).

Ergaki's main planned features were described briefly in  the April roadmap [1]. Before implementation I'll work on specifications and hope to finish during May, then we will hopefully implement it before September. for transactional layer, I'm thinking about non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge for some particular problems.

Ergaki is planned to be a backend for protocols, a "public bulletin board" aiming to handle number of requests unimaginable in Bitcoin/Ethereum during peak-time.


Best regards, kushti