Re: Store data on a Scorex-Based Blockchain

Alexander Chepurnoy

My name is Ronaldo, I have been working on a Scorex based project for over a year now. Recently, our group has start working on a proof of concept task for the creation of new features, or possibly a subnet for storing sensitive data on the blockchain.Does any of you have some experience on this topic? If so, could you, kindly, point me to some resource I could study to better understand this topic?
Hi, Ronaldo.

Thanks for the interesting. I'm going to publish a plan for final 2.0 release in coming days. Would be good to know projects using Scorex (2.0).

On storing sensitive data on the blockchain, first of all you need to decide why do you want to put such data into a shared infrastructure, assign roles to network participants and then consider a security model. Please note that some advanced schemes in this field (searchable encryption etc) are often going to be broken, sometimes years after being introduced. So please be cautious about that.

Sincerely, kushti

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